Brian E. Quinn

VP, Sales & Marketing

Brian has 37 years of strategic and tactical experience in sales and operations associated to the international and domestic transportation industry, of which 28 years he has led and managed sales and operations in the trailer leasing industry with a win-win approach and outcomes, through the analysis of customer needs and identification of creative, cost-effective solutions. Brian has a diverse background in integration management, reengineering, start-up operations, project management, analytic control management and technology optimization, while employed at the largest trailer leasing organization in the world to smaller regional trailer leasing companies.

Brian’s relationships span countrywide with customers, vendors, suppliers and competitors. He joined CTL in 2009 to settle into the most rewarding and customer focused trailer lessor in the industry…Commercial Trailer Leasing. His experience and knowledge has brought a valuable component to the leadership of CTL.

After almost 3 decades of working in the trailer leasing industry, Brian will enthusiastically express his conviction, that “Commercial Trailer Leasing attention to delivering world class service and quality trailers to our customers, far exceeds all of the trailer leasing competitors. Our customers are exposed to a personal and experienced team with a detailed knowledge of trailer specifications and maintenance, and the ability to match the customer’s trailer need and application to the perfect leasing solution.”